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AML Quality Policy

The management of AML Technologies is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions and fostering a positive safety culture within the company. The ultimate goal is to provide an accident and incident free workplace while meeting all relevant legal and regulatory requirements including safety and environmental legislation.

AML will continuously review and improve the effectiveness of its management systems.

AML will continuously review and improve health, safety, environmental and quality objectives to ensure legislative compliance, customer requirements and customer satisfaction are maintained. To this end, the company’s culture is founded on the principles of continuous research, training, vigilance, prevention and open communication.

AML is committed to achieving the goals of complete customer confidence and trust by establishing key performance indicators (KPI) for monitoring and improving services to customers.

AML HQ and future subsidiaries including any joint ventures/partnerships has a commitment to:

  • Ensure “no harm to people, property or the environment”
  • Provide a safe workplace and promote a fair and just culture of open reporting of all safety and environmental risks
  • Develop effective health, safety, environments and quality management policies an systems
  • Promote and support safety and environment training and awareness programs
  • Reduce impact on the environment by conserving energy, reducing consumption and minimising the production of waste and by promoting the reuse and recycling of materials
  • Conduct regular audits of Quality Safety Management System objectives, polices, practices and procedures
  • Share best practices across the industry and monitor industry activity to ensure best QSMS to ensure practices are incorporated at AML
  • Demonstrate to customers and stakeholders a clear commitment to continuous improvement
  • Provide the necessary resources to support this policy

Risks inherent on all company operations must be managed to prevent injuries, illness, death and environmental or property damage. All employees are required to maintain a safe working environment through adherence to approved company procedures, training and communications. They must familiarise themselves and comply with Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality policies, procedures and regulations and work in a manner that safeguards themselves and co-workers, other people, and the environment.

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