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Project Spotlight

WAM® is receiving interest from many industries. The majority of our production is under non-disclosure agreements (NDA) therefore we can not tell you about 99.9% of the great work we are doing. Here are some of the projects we can tell you about.

Gold Coast Showcase – AML in top five

AML founder Andy Sales presented at the Gold Coast Investment Showcase, drawing a large amount of attention. Several examples were on display allowing you touch and see how far this technology has evolved. EXCERPT: Investors also heard a three year plan...

AML Adapt WAAM for Supernova-Made Metal

Wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) is a large-scale metal 3D printing process. According to figures from Cranfield University, a promoter and key developer of the technology, WAAM is used in over 60 projects around the world, together worth more than $4.8 million....

South Australia to lead new materials development

AML technologies has entered an Agreement with Scandium International, a listed mining company developing the Nyngan Scandium Project in NSW as the world’s first scandium only producing mine, to conduct tests on scandium alloys using AML’s innovative wire-arc additive manufacturing technology

Australian Government Invests in AML Vision

We are proud to announce the support of the Australian Government. AML Technologies Pty Ltd will utilise the kickstart funding to bring large scale 3D metal printing to commercial markets. AML Technologies is one of 24 Australian businesses that will benefit from...

Accelerating 3D Manufacturing

AML had a very successful week at the Accelerating 3D Convention held in Fort Worth, Dallas TX. These conferences are an excellent way to gauge market conditions and connect with customers and suppliers. We highly recommend these events and look forward to the Frankfurt convention.

Touring the convention, we focused on the metal exhibit providers and suppliers. We found many companies with variations of small  ‘in box’ solutions. These types do a great job, however, we see them as complimentary to our process not competition.

Automotive Project

AML is proud to be a sponsor of Rusdan/Goodman and Oxley/Oxley. Plans for a collaborative project are underway.


Our software and engineers will prepare your design for production and finishing to the size and standards you require.


All Metals and Alloys: The potential of this process can be multiplied by the range of metals and additives that can be produced.

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