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How to Invest

AML is currently Capital Raising and welcomes generic and sophisticated investors in small, large or group investments.

AML has passed many milestones already from initial funding, plant establishment, proprietary software, partnerships, grants, patents and certifications. This is a rare opportunity to get in early just as the industry is picking up major momentum.

This is a LIMITED TIME opportunity the current investment phase ends April 30, 2018. Invest now as we take WAM™ to commercialisation. Request an Investment Memorandum using the form on this page or by calling 08 8258 2658.

About AML

AML Technologies is an innovative organisation incorporated in November 2014, by Mr. Andrew Sales for commercialising Wire-arc Additive Manufacturing (WAM™).

Utilizing state of the art sophisticated software coupled with the WAM™ process offers a revolutionary high tailored approach to meet the needs a vast amount of manufacturing opportunities.

By using an extensive weld bead geometry library, the software identifies optimal path models depending on the type of material, thickness of a component and final size. With a combination of this information, together with the expertise of CAD slicing technique, the path models make a unique robotic ode. The combined welding robotic hardware is capable of manufacturing parts with outstanding accuracy.

Why Invest in AML

Innovation is at the centre of AML’s philosophy. Funds and investments provide an opportunity to undertake commercialisation activities. WAM technology is a viable solution for the future of component manufacturing.

The WAM™ technology is a major part of a rapidly growing industry with a bright future.  This is an ultimate opportunity for investing in AML. 3D printing technology is gaining momentum and there is an increasing demand for components manufactured this process.

AML has secured key patents for WAM™ technology more patents are planned.

The potential applications of this process can be multiplied by the range of metals and additives that can be produced.

AML is located in Adelaide, South Australia. Innovation in 3D printing has garnered the attention of the Australian Government.

Who's invested in AML

The Australian Government has invested in AML’s vision for the development of large scale 3D printing of metal components for aerospace, automobile, marine and other industries. We continue to maintain a close relationship.

AML entered into a technology focused partnership with Wollongong University, to develop proprietary software applications that optimise and improve the performance of each and every process on different materials.

AML entered into a research and testing focused partnership with Scandium International, a TSX listed mining company to conduct tests on scandium alloys using AML’s innovative wire-arc additive manufacturing technology (WAM).

Investment Memorandum

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WAM™ viable solution for the future of component manufacturing.

Building a better future, together.

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