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This month AML achieved Quality Accreditation, a planned key milestone for the company. We are pleased to announce AML is certified quality compliant in both ISO 9001 and with Lloyd’s Register.

“Third-party inspection offers an un-biased advantage to potential customers wishing to build parts using AML’s process,” said Andy Sales, AML’s managing director. “That’s core to our values at AML. At the end of the day, the facility certification from LR will help provide awareness and assurance for customers to use AML for their OEM part and component type approval and qualification needs.”

The Lloyd’s Register “Additive Manufacturing Facility Qualification” has a new category and AML is the first globally to achieve this qualification in wire feedstock. The qualification is in accordance with the requirements of the LR-TWI Guidance Notes for the Certification of Metallic Parts made by Additive Manufacturing.

AML remains committed to ongoing compliance and views quality accreditation as an important point of difference. In a growing market with only a few having accreditation, AML continues to lead the way.

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