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AML @ Gold Coast

AML founder Andy Sales presented at the Gold Coast Investment Showcase, drawing a large amount of attention. Several examples were on display allowing you touch and see how far this technology has evolved.

PRESS SOURCE: Gold Coast Investment Showcase wrap five small caps knocking over important projects for growth

EXCERPT: Investors also heard a three year plan from disruptive 3D printing startup AML Technologies this morning.

The Adelaide business, headed up by founder Andy Sales, uses a wire arc manufacturing (WAM) technique to print metal parts for use in everything from the defence to aerospace sectors.

Not even five years old yet, AML Technologies has already had interest from the likes of Boeing and the business has a years-long gameplan to eventually start selling 3D printing technology.

The startup is not yet listed on the ASX but is currently accepting investment from generic and sophisticated investors for a raise of up to $1.5m.

Sales has an ambitious outline for growth, but as the company looks to work its way through key milestones, it knows the size of its market. In particular, AML can sense how it might cash into the aluminium alloys space through its printing.

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