SA to lead new materials development and application

AML technologies, an early stage metal 3D printing company recently established in Salisbury, has entered an Agreement with Scandium International, a listed mining company developing the Nyngan Scandium Project in NSW as the world’s first scandium only producing mine, to conduct tests on scandium alloys using AML’s innovative wire-arc additive manufacturing technology (WAM) using their proprietary software WAMSoft.

The company received an Accelerating Commercialisation grant to assist in establishing the only WAM process in the southern hemisphere, utilizing welding science, robotics, metallurgy and specialised proprietary software to produce an automated 3D printing system operating in a free form environment.

This technology provides a far more cost-effective, timely and flexible alternative to traditional subtractive metal technologies such as machining. AML utilizes materials such as titanium alloys, nickel alloys, stainless steel alloys, aluminium alloys and bronze alloys and the Agreement with Scandium International will result in trials and tests on the performance of scandium based alloys in 3D additive manufacturing applications.

Managing Director and Founder of AML, Andy Sales, said “the trials are an exciting development, not just for AML, but also for the future application of scandium as a lightweight but high strength metal”

The AML WAM technology, originally out of Cranfield University in the UK and applied extensively in Europe and the US, is the first bureau of its type in the southern hemisphere.

Mr Sales said “AML will be seeking to service industries where high strength materials are used for manufacturing structurally engineered components from castings, billets and ingots and including highly machined components. Products that are machined from solid blocks of expensive stainless steel, bronze, titanium, nickel or aluminium are characterized by high wastage of materials and long lead times. The WAM process can offer a highly cost-effective alternative for local industry in these applications in particular”


WAM™ viable solution for the future of component manufacturing.

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