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AMLTEC™ is an innovative and revolutionary 3D parts manufacturer set to change the manufacturing methods of making metal parts for aerospace, automotive, marine, defence, mining (O&G) and medical.

Additive Metal Layering Technologies (AMLTEC™) focuses on Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAM™) which is an immensely growing industry that challenges and disrupts traditional “subtractive” metal technologies such as casting, forging and machining. AMLTEC™ focuses on WAM™ for materials such as Titanium, Nickel Alloys, Stainless Steels and Aluminium.

The combined welding robotic hardware is capable of manufacturing parts with outstanding accuracy.

South Australia to lead new materials development

PRESS RELEASE SA to lead new materials development and application AML technologies, an early stage metal 3D printing company recently...

Australian Government Invests in AML Vision

We are proud to announce the support of the Australian Government. AML Technologies Pty Ltd will utilise the kickstart funding to bring large scale...

Salisbury South Manufacturing Plant

AML is pleased to announce the location for the initial manufacturing plant is 14 Pentland Rd, Salisbury South, SA 5106. The highly specialized...

Initial Prototype Test

Images in this video were recorded during the first test prototype commissioned by AML. The initial proof of concept prototype was produced at the...

Getting More for Less

Lean Manufacturing

WAM™ combines an electric arc as a heat source with wire as feedstock material to produce free-form parts to a near-net shape.

Traditional methods of subtractive manufacturing often have up to 80% material wastage from machining.


Speed to Market

Speed to Market

AMLTEC™ offers cost effective additive manufacturing which improves speed to market by reducing manufacturing times up to 75%.

Typical buy-to-use ratios are up to 1 ½ : 1, compared with traditional methods that can be up to 30 : 1.


Trend Analysis


With the 3D printing market for metal on the rise, this advanced manufacturing technique is being touted as the next industrial revolution and has been forecast to grow exponentially over the next 20 years.

Wohler’s Report, 2016

What is WAM?

WAM™ is a 3D printing metal additive manufacturing process for medium to large metal parts. It is suitable for the production of large scale engineering structures of high integrity at low cost. WAM™ combines an electric arc as a heat source with wire as feedstock to produce free-form parts. The wire ARC welding technique is integrated with a specifically programmed welding robot to manufacture large metal parts from 3D computer aided drawings (3D CAD) to a near-net shape which is then machine finished.

WAM Integration

Utilizing state of the art sophisticated software coupled with the WAM™ process offers a revolutionary high tailored approach to meet the needs a vast amount of manufacturing opportunities.

By using an extensive weld bead geometry library, the software identifies optimal path models depending on the type of material, thickness of a component and final size. With a combination of this information, together with the expertise of CAD slicing technique, the path models make a unique robotic ode.

Large Scale 3D Printing

The ground breaking use of Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAM™) welding techniques for 3D printing creates large metal parts quickly and efficiently. The process is used to build parts layer by layer producing metal parts to the highest integrity. Robotics removes the traditional printer size restrictions on production.

Using the WAM™ process in this way is a major disruption to the current methods of metal part manufacturing. These traditional methods of casting, forging and machining from large blocks of metal are time consuming, costly and produce immense scrap material. By using the WAM™ process this wastage of material is reduced by up to 80% and manufacturing times are reduced by 75%. Excess machining and long lead manufacturing times for parts are reduced significantly, therefore reducing costs.

Tensile Value: 301 MPa
Yield Test 134 MPa
Aluminium Grade: 5183

Outside The Box

Through the use of repositionable robots the WAM™ process removes the traditional size restrictions of 3D printing.

Reduce Waste & Time

Using the WAM™ process wastage of material is reduced by up to 80% and manufacturing times are reduced by 75%.

Mission Statement

To to be at the forefront of WAM™ research and development with a heavy focus on commercializing parts, components & products for use in all industries.

WAM™ viable solution for the future of component manufacturing.

Industry-Wide Game Changer

This unique and sustainable process of 3D Printing is poised to disrupt traditional methods for parts manufacture.