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Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing
Large Scale Capability

Design Optimisation

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) Services

Quality processes improve production

We are committed to be at the forefront of WAM® research and development with a heavy focus on commercialising parts, components & products for use in all industries.

Design Optimisation

  • Improved design flexibility
  • Production efficiency
  • Decreased costs

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) enables new standards of lightweight structures with greater degrees of geometric complexity, parts consolidation, and design optimisation that were not previously possible.

Near Net Shape

Our specialised industrial manufacturing technique creates near net shapes. The initial production of the item is very close to the final (net) shape, with a surplus amount dependant on the requested surface finishing.

Free Form Fabrication

Free form fabrication using a scalable open air environment combined with repositionable robots allows the WAM® process to remove the traditional size restrictions of 3D printing.


AML has developed WAMSoft® state of the art sophisticated proprietary software. The combined robotic hardware and software is capable of manufacturing parts with outstanding accuracy.

WAM® the future of component manufacturing



Oil & Gas



3D Metal Parts Manufacturer

Additive Metal Layering Technologies (AMLTEC®) is a 3D parts manufacturer focusing on Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAM®). This is a rapidly growing industry that challenges traditional “subtractive” metal technologies such as casting, forging and machining. It is suitable for the production of medium to large scale engineering structures of high integrity at low cost.

Metals & Alloys

Our process can be applied to all weldable metals and alloys.


  • 2319
  • 4043
  • 5183
  • 5183 0.2%Sc
  • 5356
  • 5087

Nickel Alloys

  • FeNi36 (INVAR)
  • Inconel 625
  • Inconel 718
  • Nickel Aluminium Bronze



  • Grade 5
  • Grade 23


  • ER70
  • ER80
  • ER90
  • ER120
  • Maraging grade 250
  • Stainless (316L, 2205)

Partial list of tested metals contact us for the latest list

What is WAM®?

WAM® combines an electric arc as a heat source with wire as feedstock to produce free-form parts. The wire ARC welding technique is integrated with a specifically programmed welding robot to manufacture large metal parts from 3D computer aided drawings to a near-net shape which is then machine finished. WAM® brings together state of the art welding, CAD software design and robotics technology.

Large Scale 3D Printing

The ground breaking use of Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) welding techniques for 3D printing creates large metal parts quickly and efficiently. The process is used to build parts layer by layer producing metal parts to the highest integrity.

WAM® vs Traditional Methods

The traditional methods of casting, forging and machining from large blocks of metal are time consuming, costly and produce immense scrap material. By using the WAM® process this wastage of material is reduced by up to 80% and manufacturing times are reduced by 75%. Excess machining and long lead manufacturing times for parts are reduced significantly, therefore reducing costs.

Tensile Value: 301 MPa
Yield Test: 134 MPa
Aluminium Grade: 5183

Quality Compliance

AML is ISO 9001 compliant and committed to maintaining the corporate Quality Policy

WAM® is receiving interest from various industries, check the media page for the projects we can publish.

AML achieves dual quality certification

This month AML achieved Quality Accreditation, a planned key milestone for the company. We are pleased to announce AML is certified quality compliant in both ISO 9001 and with Lloyd's Register. “Third-party inspection offers an un-biased advantage to potential...

Gold Coast Showcase – AML in top five

AML founder Andy Sales presented at the Gold Coast Investment Showcase, drawing a large amount of attention. Several examples were on display allowing you touch and see how far this technology has evolved. EXCERPT: Investors also heard a three year plan...